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International Management (B.A.)
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Descrição de International Management (B.A.)
International Management (B.A.).

Duration of Study: 7 Semester, 1 Semester Abroad. 
ECTS: 210 
Starting: Winter Term 
Location: Munich, Cologne, Berlin 
Language: English 
Application process: Recognized school leaving certificate, personal interview, submission of complete application documents with work samples where applicable. 

Business without Borders : 

Globalization and the speed of information in the 21st century has increasingly challenged established companies in regards to their processes and the way they have been operating. From the manufacturers, retailers, service providers to the consumers – old structures have more than once been turned upside down. The big economic crisis of 2008 has shown how quickly entire countries can slip into a recession. Modern and cross skilled management skills (T shaped qualifications) have become vital in today’s internationalised economy where media and the speed of communication have become as important as the fundamentals of good business administration. 

The International Management Degree Programme is one of 4 streams of specialization as part of the Management Bachelor Program and is aimed at students who would like to study management with a strong international and media focus at Germany’s largest private University for Media and Communication. 

Learning by doing
Throughout the course, you will carry out practical projects where the theoretical knowledge will be applied to real life scenarios, usually in co-operation with external businesses and partner companies. 

Internship: Macromedia cooperates with a large number of renowned companies where you will spend a full semester as an intern under the supervision of your professors. This is a very important part of the course which will give you the opportunity to gain your first practical experience and to start networking with the industry.  

Study abroad: The programme also includes one semester abroad at one of our international partner universities of your choice (Macromedia University’s 6+1 programme).

How to apply.

Admission to Macromedia University may be granted in line with the Regulations on Qualifi cations for University Studies (§60 of the Bavarian University Regulations) of the Free State of Bavaria. Under these regulations, the general school leaving certifi cate (Abitur) or the entrance qualifi cation for universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulreife) is mandatory. School leaving certifi cates from outside Bavaria must be offi cially approved as being equivalent, where necessary. To apply, please provide us with your recognised school leaving certifi cate, recognised certifi cate of English profi ciency (TOEFL iBT, at least 81 out of 120 points or IELTS, at least 6 out of 9), the Macromedia University application form and letter of motivation. After the assessment of your application, you may be required to pass an admissions interview.application, you may be required to pass an admissions interview.

Your benefits at Macromedia University
  •     Top position in CHE Ranking 2014/15
  •     Small classes with intensive, individual supervision
  •     Globally recognised, state-approved degrees, accredited by FIBAA
  •     Campuses in Berlin & Munich
  •     Authentic, practice-oriented projects
  •     Highly qualified professors and industry insiders as lecturers
  •     International students
  •     Career perspective in Germany
  •     Buddy network for international students
  •     Programmes entirely in English
  •     Campus locations situated in Germany’s industrial centres
  •     International network of Partner Universities.
Course Overview

1(30 ECTS): 
  • Management Theory and Concepts
  • Introduction to Trade Law
  • Legislation and Corporate Governance
  • Scientifi c Research and Project Management
  • Macroeconomics
  • Corporate Accounting and Business Mathematics
  • Product Pricing and Promotion
2(30 ECTS): 
  • Business English
  • Accounting
  • Management Accounting and Business Intelligence
  • Introduction to Logistics and Production
  • Value Chain Processes
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership
  • Brand Psychology Specialisation: Retail and Service Industry
  • The Service Experience
3(30 ECTS): 
  • Semester abroad
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Business Planning
  • Microeconomics
4(30 ECTS): 
  • Return on Investment
  • Financing and Due Diligence Specialisation: Forms of Services
  • Value Chain in the Service Industry
  • Service Experience
  • Online Services
  • E-commerce
5(30 ECTS): 
  • Current Affairs in Management
  • International Management Specialisation: Trends
  • Innovation Concepts
  • Current Affairs in International Management
6(30 ECTS): 
  • Internship and internship report
  • Soft and communication skills
  • Student project
7(30 ECTS): 
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Management
  • Strategy and Organisation
  • Leadership
  • Systems and Processes in Corporations.
The semester abroad is in the 3rd or 4th semester.
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