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Media and Communication Design BA (Hons)
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Descrição de Media and Communication Design BA (Hons)
Media and Communication Design BA (Hons).

Duration of Study: 6 Terms, 1 Term abroad 
ECTS: 210 
Starting: Winter Term 
Location: Berlin 
Language: English 
Application process: Recognized school leaving certificate, TOEFL (at least 72 out of 120 points) or IELTS (at least 6 out of 9), Curriculum vitae, Letter of motivation, personal interview (optional). 

Gain insights into the creative industry

In the digital media world, design involves a broad and exciting array of tasks. The demands faced by designers are complex and at the same time fascinating, since the variety of media and the high volume of information require not only a steady stream of new ideas and creativity, but also clear conceptual thinking and process-led working methods. The interdisciplinary programme of the Media Design course of study give our students the tools to master the whole spectrum of visual communication to become an all-rounder with specific subject knowledge. 

Because the possibilities for media designers are as diverse as the media themselves, you will encounter many open doors. Media designers produce creative work and are also responsible for design management. Depending on your choice of focus, you might work as an art director, in layout or screen design, or as a project manager or freelance designer for advertising agencies, web agencies, marketing departments, publishing houses, media, film production companies or TV studios. 
The Media Design programme focusses on four major fields
  • Media and Comunication Design
  • Visual and Motion Design
  • Practice oriented modules
  • Design Management and Theory. 
Job Perspectives
  • Art director
  • Multimedia designer
  • Screen designer
  • Project manager in advertising, pr & marketing departments in the private or public sector
Design visual communication for the digital world.

Simply creating beautiful designs is not enough anymore. The domain of designers have expanded and become more complex in the recent times, thanks to the proliferation of digital media and the rise of new technologies. Consequently, the expectations from designers have grown leading to increased challenges and at the same time, boundless opportunities for them. 

In the digital media world, creative ideas are only the starting point. Designers need strong conceptual thinking, cross-media skills, user orientation, and efficient work flows to turn ideas into great products. Furthermore, they should be able to adapt the designs seamlessly for diverse media. This is the reason why the conventional approach in communication and media design studies needs to be revisited. 

The interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Communication Design, which is part of our strategic partnership with the University of Westminster, gives students the tools to master the whole spectrum of visual design to become an all-rounder with expert subject knowledge. The curriculum is designed to give students full proficiency across traditional and digital media design while also fostering their abilities to think outside the box, work in interdisciplinary teams, understand business models and efficiently manage design projects.

For international students who aspire for an international career in design, this bachelor course in design is a perfect choice. It is taught in English by top professors using practice-oriented approach in an international context at the heart of Berlin, a major media hub in Europe. 

Strategic collaboration with the University of Westminster.

This bachelor’s study programme in media design is offered through our strategic collaboration with the University of Westminster. In this programme, you will be studying in Germany at the Berlin campus of the Macromedia University while being enrolled at the University of Westminster. Studying the excellent curriculum validated by the prestigious University of Westminster in Berlin benefitting from direct exposure to the industry means that you get the best of both worlds. Upon graduation, you will receive the globally recognized BA (Hons) degree from the University of Westminster.

Additional Degree: Earn the German BA degree along with the British BA (Hons).

In this programme, you also have the option to earn the additional German BA degree. After you successfully complete the sixth semester of your BA (Hons), the University of Westminster awards you the accredited degree of BA (Hons). If you wish to augment your academic profile further with a German Bachelor, then you can enroll for the additional seventh semester in the corresponding Macromedia Bachelor track. Upon successful completion of this semester, you will receive the state-recognized Bachelor of Arts degree from the Macromedia University. 

Unlike the regular German undergraduate degrees, you do not need to fulfil the German admissions criteria to join the German Bachelor track. You have to fulfill only the UK admissions requirement specified by the University of Westminster. 

Benefits of the Additional Degree.

Earn two internationally recognized bachelor degrees in seven semesters
No need to meet the German admissions criteria. You have to fulfil only the UK admissions criteria to be eligible to join the Addition Degree track
Write only one BA thesis for the two degrees

Content of the Media Design BA (Hons) course.

In this course, you will develop a deep understanding of design principles, design thinking, visual design, motion design, interface design and so on through the perfect mixture of methodological knowledge and hands-on practical applications, using real projects with real companies. 

After the design course, you will have the concept and tools that will enable you to visualize and shape products, brands and services. You will be able to create identities and develop interfaces in order to skilfully convey the messages to the audience whether it is on conventional platforms or digital media.

The Media Design programme focuses on four major fields
  • Practice modules
  • Media and communication design
  • Visual and motion design
  • Design management and theory
Admission Requirements.

For the BA (Hons) from the University of Westminster, please find the country-specific admission requirements here. 

Practice-led learning.

From the very beginning, you will get the taste of real design projects, often with the partner companies from our network of over 500 companies. While working on the study projects, you will gain tangible practical skills that are crucial to become a successful designer in the media world that is constantly changing. In addition to honing your professional skills, you will polish your personal skills, such as teamwork, leadership and communication, thus growing into a well-rounded professional.

The internship semester is the perfect gateway into professional career as you will work for a company applying your class-room learnings in real business scenarios. As with many of our students in the past, the internship can often lead to a full-time job offer.

Fully accredited semester abroad.

At Macromedia University, you will benefit from an international study experience. You will spend one semester at one of our prestigious partner universities and earn 30 ECTS credits, which are fully recognized and integrated into your media design course. In this semester, you will forge valuable contacts, accumulate international experience and perhaps even make new friends for life. You will expand your cultural perspectives and learn from them in order to become a well-rounded professional with a global outlook. 

Career prospects after graduation.

Our graduates' innovative thinking, creative design skills, knowledge of cross-media, and design processes and technologies make them highly sought-after candidates in the media sector. After graduation, you can aim for exciting design related roles in diverse companies, such as PR and advertising agencies, publishing houses, digital start-ups, non-profit organisations, content marketing agencies and so on. Some examples of potential future professional roles for you are: 
  • Art director
  • Creative director
  • Multimedia designer
  • Screen designer
  • Editorial designer
  • Project manager in advertising and marketing departments
Your benefits at Macromedia University.

Top position in CHE Ranking 2014/15*
Small classes with intensive, individual supervision
Globally recognised, state-approved degrees, accredited by FIBAA
Campuses in Munich and Berlin: Top 6 and Top 9 of the “Best Student Cities 2017” worldwide**
Authentic, practice-oriented projects
Highly qualified professors and industry insiders as lecturers
International students
Career perspective in Germany
Buddy network for international students
Programmes entirely in English
Campus locations situated in Germany’s industrial centres
International network of Partner Universities

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