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Media and Communication Management (M.A.)
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Descrição de Media and Communication Management (M.A.)
Media and Communication Management (M.A.)

 Degree: Master of Arts
Duration of Study: 3 semesters for applicants with 210 ECTS
3 semesters plus 1 Pre Semester course for applicants with 180 ECTS
ECTS: 90, 30 (Pre-Semester)
Location: Munich,  Berlin
Language: English

Who can apply: This is a non-consecutive Master’s programme, i.e., it is open for students with undergraduate degree in diverse areas.

Application process: University/B.A. degree with at least 180 ECTS and an average grade of at least 2.5, TOEFL test (at least 81 out of 120 points) or IELTS (at least 6.0 out of 9); equivalent qualifications may also be accepted, as applicable, curriculum vitae – signed personally, letter of recommendation (by your lecturer or employer), personal motivation statement, personal interview with a selection panel/skype interview for international students

Combine media expertise with sharp business acumen.

In the media sector there is a great demand for managers with strategic skills. This is because the successful management of a media business and the development of media products require an extremely broad knowledge of social trends and developments combined with business management expertise. Decision makers with sound judgement are in demand. The Master's degree in Media and Communication Management is aimed at outstanding graduates from the fields of business administration, communication science or related areas and young professionals from agencies, communications departments, marketing and media companies, who wish to hold technical and management positions.
The course, which takes a firm cross-media approach, develops entrepreneurial thinking and working. All facets of strategic and operational management are combined with a deeper knowledge of business administration, comprehensive project know-how and practical application to case studies. Students learn to see media development in the overall context of social change. Graduates are not only able to understand the media but also to shape and direct them.

Course Content for the Media and Communication Management (M.A.).

In this master’s programme at the Macromedia University, you will specialize in media and communication management by developing a thorough understanding of the relevant theories, methods and tools you will need to work as a top manager in a leading position in the media industry.

In the broad curriculum, you will learn the theories of management and strategic business management and get an intensive overview of media management, brand management, PR and advertising and communication psychology. During your master thesis in the last semester, you will be able to augment your knowledge and prove your expertise in your chosen topic.

The competencies you acquire during your studies are broadly diversified. With our focus on digital media and international orientation, you are able to understand and shape media in the overall context of the ongoing digital transformation. Beyond just understanding media, you are empowered to lead and manage media development projects and campaigns in a fast-paced environment.

By the time you graduate, you are ready to take on leading and upscale positions in the dynamic media world. Do you aspire to shape media strategies in international companies?
Start your online application now.??

Career Prospects.

With the deep expertise you develop by the end of the programme, you are fully prepared to carry out top level managerial roles in the area of media and communications management. You can find interesting positions in media companies, creative agencies, corporations and non-profits as a communications manager, marketing manager, PR manager, brand manager and so on.

Your expert knowledge of communication tools and methods along with practical competence in digital media places you at the upper crust of job markets, both in Germany and abroad.

??Discover the exciting career stories of our alumni and learn what possibilities exist for you.

??Focus on practice.

Practice is an integral aspect of our study approach. Throughout the media and communication management course, you will carry out practical projects where the theoretical knowledge will be applied to real life scenarios. Through these projects with companies within our wide network of more than 500 partners, you have the opportunity to sharpen your practical skills while also making valuable contacts for future.

In our project portal, you can get a first impression of our cooperation with the top players in the industry. These include Adobe, Microsoft and Sky. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

?Admission requirements and pre-semester.

1. University/B.A. degree with at least 210 ECTS.

If you have only 180 ECTS, we offer you the option of obtaining the required extra 30 ECTS in a Pre-Semester course which you can complete in one of the following ways:
  • Attendance based pre-semester: This is an on-campus course that starts in the winter semester to ensure that you can join the master’s programme in the summer semester without any difficulty.
  • Online Pre-Semester: You can take the online pre-semester course in parallel with the first semester of your master’s course in the summer semester.
2. English language proficiency.

TOEFL test with at least 72 out of 120 points or IELTS with at least 6.0 out of 9 is required. Equivalent qualifications may also be accepted, as applicable.
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