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International MBA Shanghai
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Convocatoria: Octubre / Madrid
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Master - International MBA Shanghai - Madrid - España
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Descripción de International MBA Shanghai
International MBA Madrid - Shanghai.

Formato: Full Time 
Modalidad: On Campus 
Duración / Créditos: 12 months / 70 ECTS 
Idioma: English 
Campus: Madrid 


EAE and Shanghai University have crafted a unique dual-degree IMBA aimed at developing business leaders to work and operate in two of the world’s main business environments, the East and the West. This forward-looking program is conceived for professionals seeking to pursue a professional career in an increasingly globalized and digitalized business environment.

Taught in English, our International MBA EAE-Shanghai dual-degree program is a 18-month, on campus, full-time program in Madrid and Shanghai. It is intended for professionals with 3 to 7 years of work experience.


In an extremely dynamic economic context subject to the constant fluctuations of a global market and ever-growing competition, versatile and creative directors with global operational vision are required, who strive to update their knowledge and skills to successfully design the strategic approaches of their companies and organizations.

The EAE – SHU IMBA combines management training and work in companies to create a seamless experience in which you acquire the skills and knowledge needed to operate in the current diverse and disruptive world.

What you are going to get? The experience in two countries

- Global Business knowledge. You gain knowledge and skills on how to navigate in two of the world’s leading economies, the East and the West. In this specialty program, you will gain the knowledge and expertise to effectively operate in global business and in relation with multinational companies.
- True cross-cultural competency. You will gain an -depth understanding of how cultural differences impact how you interact, communicate and do business with people from different cultures. The experiences in Madrid and Shanghai will expose you daily to how cultural differences impact many aspects related to successfully doing business in two leading world economies.
- Critical thinking. You will gain the skills needed to be able to think critically. The skills needed include observation, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, inference, problem solving, and making decisions. In this ever-changing world, the ability to think in an objective and critical way is becoming essential.
- Talent management. Intangible assets are becoming more valuable to companies. Those assets include human capital; the people who work in an organization. In this program, you will learn how to crate, lead and develop diverse global teams.


1. Knowledge and skills acquisition.

You will work in Madrid and Shanghai with international faculty members in acquiring the latest knowledge and skills in management. In addition, you can learn Spanish and Chinese languages.

2. Professional practice.

You will work in/with a company to apply, exercise, and improve your professional practice.

3. Business leadership.

You will need to defend a business plan for a new venture developed during the MBA. This will take all the knowledge acquired during the program and incorporate those into this business plan.

Course content:



Module 1 Environment and Global Markets- Madrid.

- Business, government, and international economics  - 6 ECTS 
- Sales management  - 6 ECTS

Module 2 People Management- Madrid.

- Leadership, behavior and social responsibility - 6 ECTS 
- Human Resources management - 6 ECTS

Module 3 Strategic Resources- Shanghai.

- Financial management - 6 ECTS 
- Technology and operations management - 6 ECTS

Module 4 Strategic Management- Shanghai.

- Strategic management - 6 ECTS 
- Comprehensive company analysis - 6 ECTS

Module 5 MBA Thesis- Shanghai.

- MBA Thesis - 6 ECTS

Module 6 Minor- Madrid.

- Minor - 10 ECTS

Module 7 Internship- Madrid.

- Internship - 6 ECTS
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