Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management em Barcelona - Espanha

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Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management
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Convocatoria en Octubre: Campus Barcelona
Precio: 5,900 € / año
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Licenciatura - Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management - Barcelona - Espanha
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Descrição de Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management.

Formato: Grados
Modalidad: Presencial
Duración / Créditos: 240 ECTS
Idioma: Español, inglés o Bilingüe
Campus: Barcelona


The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya’s Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management run at EAE equips participants to perform key roles in the general company setting or any specific area, such as Finance, Marketing and Sales, General Administration, Accounting and Human Resources. This Bachelor Degree programs enables students to acquire a sound knowledge of the foundations of the economic system, giving them an insight into the different areas of company management from three perspectives:

- From a generalist viewpoint, with contents on all the functional areas of a company.
- With a clearly practical approach, with up to 540 hours of business internship, counted as elective credits.
- With a versatile methodology designed to ensure the acquisition of the professional competences required to access the employment market.

In short, the University Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management is designed to train professionals equipped to lead, manager and run any company, organization or other public and private institution. Professionals ready to take on executive responsibilities within a context of complex and changeable global interrelations, with the ability to make decisions against a backdrop of uncertainty.

Official Qualification.

EAE Business School has been affiliated to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya since the 1998-1999 academic year to run Master and Bachelor Degree programs adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), signed in Bologna.

Under this agreement, the University Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management is an official university qualification from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), registered at the Universities, Centres and Qualifications Registry of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and renewed in November 2017. 

As a result, students who successfully complete the program receive the official university qualification of University Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Therefore, students who successfully complete the University Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management at the EAE University Centre, meeting all the stipulated requirements, receive two qualifications:

- The official university qualification of the University Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).
 - The institutional qualification awarded by EAE Business School.


The objective of the University Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management is to provide the essential knowledge required for the graduates’ professional development in all areas of a company: marketing, finance, accounting, human capital and operations, as well as enhancing the development and acquisition of the following set of skills required for effective business management. 

1. Leadership of an organization.

Developing the tools and capacities needed for leadership: teamwork, motivation, communication, business ethics and social responsibility.

2. Entrepreneurial mindset.

Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and laying the foundations for the creation of new business, while also boosting innovation and creativity.

3. Sustainable growth.

Evolving effectively within complex and competitive national and international organizations within a context of sustainable development.

4. Management of business change.

Adapting to and anticipating the organizations’ needs in terms of change, with the primary aim of remaining competitive.

5. Global vision and innovation.

Managing the flexibility of the organization in the face of the emergence of new technologies, new markets and the evolution of society.

In short, graduates in Business Administration and Management will have gained the profile of an expert, as a practical person with clear skills and experience in their field, who can tackle management problems with professional judgment and a command of technical instruments, as well as other general competences such a verbal and written communication, teamwork, leadership and management capacity.


Over the course of the University Master in Business Administration and Management, the students acquire the set of competences required to perform their role effectively. Specifically, they develop the following competences:

- Specific competences

In addition, on the University Master in Business Administration and Management, students acquire other basic, general and cross-disciplinary competences needed in a modern professional environment:

- Basic competences
- General competences
- Cross-disciplinary competences 

In-person format.

The University Master in Business Administration and Management is a program in a 100% in-person format run at the Barcelona Campus. With various buildings just five minutes’ walk from each other, students have the chance to study right in the heart of the Catalan capital.

In addition, students have the opportunity to make use of all the School’s facilities and services, including the cafeteria, EAE’s Documentation and Resource Centre, the Student Services Office, study rooms, the events hall and free Wi-Fi, among others.

Access channels.

In accordance with the regulations governing access to official university undergraduate tuition programs and the admission procedures for public Spanish universities, depending on their profile, applicants wanting to take the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management at EAE Business School can access undergraduate study programs through different access channels:

- High School baccalaureate 
- Advanced Grade Vocational Training Programs
- People aged between 25 and 45 
- Peolple aged over 40 with professional experience 
- Changing studies or school (file transfer)
- University graduates 
- EU students with recirpocity agreements 
- Other goreign students


To access EAE’s undergraduate programs, students must complete the university pre-registration process overseen by the Catalan Government’s University Access Office  (Accesnet).

University entrance examinations (PAU).

The University Entrance Examinations are required to access the university.

- Find out about the structure of the examinations, the topics evaluated and weightings


There are 130 places available for new students on the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management, which are assigned starting with pre-registered student applicants with the highest score and then in descending order of scores, down to the minimum score requirement and/or until all the places are assigned.

Recommended Profile.

The tuition program of the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management is designed for a diverse range of profiles that include both people preferably with a qualification in humanities and social sciences and people with a more analytical and technical background, depending on the area of the company in which they plan to specialize.

New students have to be interested in the social, cultural and environmental setting around them and want to focus their professional activity on creating value for society by integrating in functional areas of a public or private institution, showing respect the society and environment in which they operate.

The ideal profile is a student who is:

- Keen on communication and participation
- Motivated by and interested in human organizations and the economy
- A good organizer and planner
- Methodical, analytical and responsible
- Creative and innovative
- Adaptable
- Driven to excel
- Capable of interested in effective teamwork and leading work teams
- Able to work independently, showing initiative

Applicants are recommended to have taken the following optional subjects at high school: Company Economics, - Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Social Sciences.

Academic planning.

Tuition Plan.


1st YEAR.

- Financial Accounting I - 6 ECTS
- Personal Productivity Tools - 6 ECTS
- English - 6 ECTS
- Business Administration- 6 ECTS
- Mathematics- 6 ECTS
- Professional Development I - 6 ECTS
- Sociology - 6 ECTS
- Financial Accounting II - 6 ECTS
- Introduction to economics - 6 ECTS
- Mathematics II - 6 ECTS

2nd YEAR.

- Spanish Economy - 6 ECTS
- English II  - 6 ECTS
- Business Planning and Analysis - 6 ECTS
- Principles of Marketing - 6 ECTS
- Statistics - 6 ECTS
- Civil and commercial law  - 6 ECTS
- Marketing Management I  - 6 ECTS
- Professional Development II - 6 ECTS
- Financial Math - 6 ECTS
- Statics II - 6 ECTS

3rd YEAR.

- Cost Accounting I  - 6 ECTS
- Financial Management  - 6 ECTS
- Tax Law II - 6 ECTS
- Marketing Management II  - 6 ECTS
- Microeconomics - 6 ECTS
- Macroeconomics  - 6 ECTS
- Professional Development III  - 6 ECTS
- Cost Accounting II- 6 ECTS
- Financial Management II  - 6 ECTS
- Tax Law I - 6 ECTS

4th YEAR.

- Business Organization and Management II -  6 ECTS
- Corporate Finance  - 6 ECTS
- Cultural Crossing  - 6 ECTS
- Financial Markets and Instruments  - 6 ECTS
- Human Resource Management  - 6 ECTS
- Information system  - 6 ECTS
- International Marketing  - 6 ECTS
- Introduction to International Relations  - 6 ECTS
- Labor Relations - 6 ECTS
- Strategic Management  - 6 ECTS

Elective Courses.


- Global Economy I - 3 ECTS
- Global Economy II  - 3 ECTS
- Doing Business in Spain - 3 ECTS
- Corporate Finance - 6 ECTS
- Managing Risk - 6 ECTS
- Cultural Crossing - 6 ECTS
- Leadership Management Skills - 6 ECTS
- Global Entrepreneurship  - 6 ECTS
- Spanish Course I - 3 ECTS
- Spanish Course II - 3 ECTS
- International Marketing  - 3 ECTS
- Strategic Marketing  - 6 ECTS
- Advertising Communication  - 6 ECTS
- Strategic Management  - 6 ECTS
- Gestión de Proyectos  - 6 ECTS
- Modelo de Negocio  - 3 ECTS
- Introduction to International Relations  - 6 ECTS
- Ética y Sostenibilidad: Nuevos Modelos de Negocio  - 6 ECTS
- Leading digital transformation  - 3 ECTS
- Risk & Security  - 6 ECTS

Career opportunities.

Graduates of Business Administration and Management will be prepared to work in any sector, as the knowledge the have acquired is applicable and essential in any organization that interacts with markets at any level. Although the Bachelor Degree has a broad spectrum of applications, there are certain specific professional fields for which continuous selection processes are held, accounting for the main source of employment for graduates of Business Administration and Management.


Strategic planning, operations and management coordination.


Positions of responsibility in the different areas of the company, including marketing and sales, human resources, accounting and finance, production, quality, logistics and administration.


Roles in functional areas of banking institutions, such as financial management, risk assessment and international trade, as well as positions as stockbrokers, financial controllers and other roles in the financial sector.


Providing strategic and business consultancy, tax and social security advice, market research and company administration.


The University Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management gives graduates access to a multitude of positions requiring official public examinations, such as tax inspector and sub-inspector, public economist, etc.

Moreover, the University Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management is the most suitable program from entrepreneurial profiles.

EAE is a member of prestigious national and international organizations, including AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development), CLADEA (Latin American Council of Administration Schools), EBEN (European Business Ethics Network) and EMBAC (Executive MBA Council). Moreover, our programs are certified by leading institutions such as the PMI (Project Management Institute) and the CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals), as well as the Ministry of Education, ANECA and AQU.
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