Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics em Madri - Espanha

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Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics
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Pós-graduação - Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics - Madri - Espanha
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Descrição de Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics
Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics.

Idioma: Inglés
Modalidad: Presencial
Campus: Madrid
Créditos ECTS: 70
Formato: Full Time
Título: Oficial


  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Campus Madrid)
  • Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (Campus Barcelona)

Program Description:

This program will be conducted in English.

In a globalized, and increasingly competitive economy, companies require to survive in the market, to make continuous improvements in levels of efficiency, productivity, quality and flexibility, maintaining and improving the level of service to customers. One of the most critical areas in companies that can help us to achieve these goals is the Operations and, particularly, Supply Chain Management End-to-End (from suppliers to customers ). In this environment, that requires maximum cost efficiency and flexibility to unforeseen changes in demand, professional management of the supply chain becomes a vital competitive tool for companies to provide differential value to their customers, and to be profitable.

The Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics provides an overview of the supply chain with a multidisciplinary approach, and an optimal combination of content design and planning and implementation and management.

The program enables participants to successfully develop positions in the operations area, and provides the professional versatility needed to cope with guarantees in the areas of Purchasing, Planning, Production, Logistics and Distribution. It is a program designed to enhance your career to a maximum level of development.

Al finalizar el máster, los alumnos tienen la opción de realizar una estancia residencial de dos semanas de duración en la Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Holanda).

Hogeschool van amsterdam intercambio eae business school

Top reasons for doing EAE’s Business School Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics:

Puntos Clave:

1 Employability
The Professional Careers service is focused on guiding and accompanying students to achieve their professional goals and matching their expectations and interests with the jobs market.

2 International Talent Program
The program aimed at students seeking international professional development, in order to give them maximum visibility amongst the multinational companies collaborating with EAE. Activities are therefore organised such as the Employment Workshops, interviews with head hunters and access is given to international selection consultants around the world.

3 Operations and Logistics Advisory Board
The master study plan is carried out along with the Advisory Board of the Operations and Logistics area, formed by 25 professionals from companies like Pepsico, Nike, DHL, Danone, Accenture, Fujitsu, Grupo Planeta, Mango, Grupo Puig, and others.

4 EAE in Rankings
In the Top 90 of the best Supply Chain master’s degrees in the world (Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking Worldwide 2016-2017).
Second best master’s degree in the area of Logistics in Spain (“250 Masters, ed. 2017” ranking from El Mundo).
5 EAE, a school certified by the CSCMP
EAE Business School is a business school certified by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals to give Supply Chain Management programs.

6 SCPRO certification
The study plan and the teaching materials of the master’s degree are designed for students who so wish to successfully take the SCPro Level 1 examination.

7 Visits to companies
The program includes the development of the Logistics Plan throughout the Master and visits to companies specializing in Supply Chain Management, making it the most practical and comprehensive program on offer.

8 Business Networking
On the Business Networking cycle, students will attend a series of meetings with professionals from large companies and other EAE students, thanks to which the participants have the chance to expand their network of professional contacts.

9 Operations and Logistics Plan
The treatment of the subjects comes together in a Final Project tutored throughout the program, which consists of making a plan on the Operations area and specifically on the supply chain management. The master final work therefore focuses on making a business intervention project focus on designing and starting up a supply chain management plan, levered on a specific area of action.

10 Soft Skills program
The Soft Skills program is intended to help participating professionals complete their training with the strategic mobilisation of their personal skills. It includes ten independent monthly workshops organised along the Emotional Skills Model.

11 Major + Minor
EAE has started up the North American Major and Minor methodological system for the first time in Spain, in the place of the traditional optional subject method.

12 International Residential Program
At the end of the study period, students will have the chance to do a two-week residential stay at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Holland). This residential stay comes at an additional cost for students.

13 EAE is enterprising
The aim is to give the necessary resources and environment for enterprising students from EAE to develop new business ideas. We accompany the needs of the entrepreneurs and investors, as well as those of our students and researchers.  Some of the particular services we offer are Training, Financing and Accompaniment for EAE’s enterprising students.

Admission Process and Degree:

Double degree:

Students who succesfully pass the course will obtain the Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics degree from EAE Business School. In addition, students who fulfill the established academic requirements will obtain the degree from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

In order to obtain the degree from partner universities, it is necessary to fufil the requirements established by the institutions.

Adimission process:

The main objective of the admissions process is to ensure candidates' suitability for the program, by looking at their professional experience and their academic CV.

Our aim is for all participants to make the most of the experience we offer through a context in which they may develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

In order to start the admissions process, the form has to be filled in so that EAE's Academic Committee can consider the application. If the decision issued by the Academic Committee for the requested program is positive, the candidate can complete their enrolment.
Course Contents:


MODULE 1 - Strategic Management of Business and Support Functions to SCM    
  • Strategic management of business and management marketing and sales     6 ECTS
  • Planning supply chain: support functions and financial management     3 ECTS

MODULE 2 - Strategies, Design and Trends in Supply Chain    
  • Planning supply chain per industry     3 ECTS
  • Simulation models for planning the supply chain     3 ECTS
  • Trends and benchmarking in SCM & e-commerce in the planning of the supply chain     3 ECTS
  • Sustainable logistics and operations management simulator     3 ECTS

MODULE 3 - Global Supply Chain Planning and Triple Axis SCM    
  • Overall planning of the supply chain     3 ECTS
  • Technology management and supply chain     3 ECTS
  • Basic concepts, planning and design of the supply chain     3 ECTS
  • Management development and human resources     3 ECTS

MODULE 4 - SCM Execution: Priority Functions Relationship with Suppliers    
  • Challenges in purchasing and Harvard negotiation techniques     3 ECTS
  • Production management     6 ECTS

MODULE 5 - Transportation    
  • Logistics management, warehousing, orders and CRM     3 ECTS
  • Transportation management, distribution and shipping     3 ECTS

MODULE 6 - Internship    
  • Internship     6 ECTS

MODULE 7 - Final Master Thesis    
  • Final Master Thesis     6 ECTS

Minor     10 ECTS


Funding Schemes and Grants:

EAE offers special funding conditions, grants and aids for candidates accepted on EAE programs.


  •     SME Comprehensive Development Grant. Within its advanced business training project, EAE responds to the needs of small and medium enterprises (SME) by strengthening and implementing strategies for improving competitiveness; the comprehensive development of organizations and the people in these organizations are key factors within our institution.
  •     Women's Executive Grant. Over 40% of our students are women with an average age of 33. This shows EAE’s capacity to train students who are fully mature in both professional and personal terms, and who need to balance their family, personal and training activities. With the aim of strengthening, advancing and consolidating the women's professional activity, EAE offers a financial support program designed specifically for this segment of professionals. The candidates’ managerial potential and leadership are two crucial qualities taken into account in assessing applications.
  •     Accredited Disability Grant. With the aim of promoting and contributing to the professional development of the disabled, EAE runs a grant program for professionals in this segment.
  •     EAE Academic Excellence Grant. EAE rewards students with the best academic report. Candidates who present an academic report with an average score of 9.5 or above can apply for the EAE Academic Excellence Grant.
  •     Entrepreneur Grants. Designed for managers of SMEs, freelancers and professionals who want to start a business project.
  •     Executive Grants. Aimed at executives, middle managers and qualified professionals who plan to take on positions of responsibility.


  •     Fundación Carolina. Lifelong training grant that encourages cultural and scientific cooperation between Spain and Latin America, promoting exchanges between professionals. It is aimed at Latin American and Spanish specialists and professionals who can demonstrate their need to move to the other region to continue their training.
  •     MAEC – AECID Grant. This grant contributes to the further education and professional development of foreigners and young university students with an advanced university qualification and, on some programs, university students in their final year. Definition of financial support: II-B: Grants for foreigners for master degrees or specialisations at Spanish universities and other non-university teaching centres.
  •     Financial support for training workers regulated by the Fundación Tripartita. The State Employment Public Service offers financial support through the Fundación Tripartita to all people currently actively employed and making Social Security contributions and who have received individual training permission from the company. Refusal of permission must be based on organizational or production reasons. The purpose of the financial support is to allow tuition for an official qualification or a university’s own qualification. In return, the company receives a Social Security allowance for each employee that has been granted permission. The allowance is equivalent to the salary costs for the working hours that the employee has put into training, up to a maximum of 200 hours per employee granted permission per academic or calendar year.
  •     SOC The SOC offers subsidies and grants to unemployed people who take part in training activities on our Master and Postgraduate programs at EAE Business School.
  •     AGAUR Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (University and Research Financial Support Management Agency). The agency offers university postgraduate loans with extremely attractive conditions.


The Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics is designed to achieve the following objectives:

Puntos Clave:

Giving participants solid training in supply chain management, gaining a deep insight of the latest trends and new developments in business management.

Heading an operations or logistics department in line with the latest developments in distribution, consumer and supplier networks, as well as new methods of managing our network and channel relations.

Gaining a command of the key factors in new business models based on e-commerce and an insight into how they affect traditional systems of logistics management.

Applying the latest developments in information technology to supply chain management in order to generate greater added value.

Incentivizing the development and improvement of personal and executive skills, with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of decision-making and strengthening the capacity for problem detection, analysis and resolution.

Career Opportunities:

EAE assesses the competencies that companies value most and passes them on to the students in order to facilitate their employability. The aim is to reach the level of development demanded by the jobs market.

Professional Opportunities:

· Director of Operations
· Director of Logistics
· Director of Distribution
· Director of Import/Export
· Purchasing Manager
· Distribution Centre Manager
· Stock Control Manager
· Supplier Negotiation Manager
· Warehouse Manager

Some facts from our Employment  Report 2017:

  •     The 91% of graduates find employment within 6 months of finishing the Master, and the 41% find employment before finishing their program
  •     The 70% improve their  professional situation after graduating
  •     The 60%  increase their salary after their time at EAE
  •     The 6% set up a business after graduating

After years of educational quality, we have earned the recognition of the most highly-respected national and international rankings, such as Bloomberg, QS, América Economía, CNN Expansión and Eduniversal, among others.

EAE is a member of prestigious national and international organizations, including AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development), CLADEA (Latin American Council of Administration Schools), EBEN (European Business Ethics Network) and EMBAC (Executive MBA Council). Moreover, our programs are certified by leading institutions such as the PMI (Project Management Institute) and the CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals), as well as the Ministry of Education, ANECA and AQU.
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