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Descrição de MBA in English
MBA in English.

Formato: Full Time
Modalidad: On Campus
Duración / Créditos: 12 months / 70 ECTS
Idioma: English
Campus: MAD


The full time MBA is our flagship international is our flagship program in Madrid and Barcelona, designed to accelerate transformation for professionals or entrepreneurs. The program is aimed for those who are restless, who enjoy their ambition and have a deep desire to generate impact. The program combines a multidisciplinary and international focus, development of soft skills that are essential for success in the business world, and tools for autoevaluation and planning for your goals, both personal and professional.  

Our MBA, offered in English is a one year, on campus, full-time program in Madrid or Barcelona. Primarily intended for professionals with 3 to 7 years of work experience or entrepreneurs from any industry and academic background.  

Every year we take in over 60 students from different nationalities with diverse functions, backgrounds and talents to build an optimized ecosystem of diversity that enriches the learning experience and growth of its participants.  

The program uses imminently practical and interactive methodologies that aim to develop critical thinking, collaboration and strengthen leadership skills. Additionally, during the program you will take part in different academic initiatives that will power your creativity, fuel innovation and push you way out of your comfort zone. This combination will provide you with the agility, flexibility and creativity needed in a dynamic and changing context.  

Our MBA was the first general management degree in Spain, so our trajectory takes us back over 50 years training professionals to make an impact.  

This program is for you if you are:

1. Versatile.

You want to evolve, open your mind and expand your horizons so that greater personal and professional opportunities unfold. You are looking to immerse yourself in an international community, network with industry leaders and experience a big shift in your life’s path.

2. Multifaceted.

Your experience, your talent and your background make you a valuable asset to a diverse team and you wish to surround yourself with classmates that can contribute to your learning experience in the same way. You want to prepare yourself for your future at a Business School that can give you a 360º vision.

3. Visionary.

You dream big. You set goals, aim high, and charge at them full speed. You wish to continue learning so that you can make an impact in the world, and you want to do it with people who share in your values. You know the future is built through collaboration. .

4. Curious.

You are looking to expand your vision, your knowledge and you have an unstoppable thirst for growth and self-actualization. You are a lifelong learner.

5. Bold.

You’re not just looking for a degree, you want a fully transformational experience that challenges you to bring out the best version of yourself, and pushes you out of your comfort zone. An intense, demanding and rewarding year.   

6. Proactive.

You are bold by nature, passionate about exploring creative solutions, open to the world and other people. You are always looking to lead change and motivate those around you. 


A global world, driven by uncertainty and change, needs versatile, creative and highly adaptable People. Companies require responsible leaders capable of designing strategic approaches for their organizations with the vision and talent that this playing field requires. 

EAE’s Full-Time MBA is a full-time learning adventure where you will develop your leadership skills, acquire a global vision of business and develop your critical thinking skills. Through the program, you will gain confidence in decision-making, enhance your perspective and strengthen your competences, while gaining a command of essential management techniques and tools. Moreover, on this Master, you will create an excellent network of friends and colleagues through the EAE community and Business ecosystem.  

What are you going to learn in the program?

Environment and global markets

You will gain in-depth knowledge of the external variables that affect every organization, as well as the foundations for analysing them. Moreover, you will learn the key concepts related to Marketing, Digital Marketing and customer satisfaction and experience, with the aim of developing the strategies required in the current everchanging business environments. 

Talent Management.

You will learn the composition of the company’s Human Resource and examine techniques in relation to leadership, talent management, organizational behaviour and social responsibility. 

Strategic management

You will analyse the concepts and strategies that are available to organizations to enhance their growth and development in international markets. Moreover, you will discuss concepts associated with business initiative, which enables an entrepreneurial vision to develop and launch new businesses.  

Strategic resources.

You will develop the key strategic aspects for decision-making, which will have an impact, both when embarking on new entrepreneurial ventures or businesses, and when starting internationalization processes. 



Develop capacities such as teamwork, motivation, communication, business ethics and social responsibility. 


Develop the power to anticipate and adapt to change to enhance the competitiveness of your organization.


Apply the latest technologies and manage with the flexibility required in new markets and the evolution of society.

Course Content.

Total Créditos: 70


Module 1. Environment and Global Markets.

- Business, government, and international economics - 6 ECTS
- Sales management - 6 ECTS

Module 2. People Management.

- Leadership, behavior and social responsibility - 6 ECTS
- Human Resources Management - 6 ECTS

Module 3. Strategic Resources.

- Financial management - 6 ECTS
- Technology and operations management - 6 ECTS

Module 4. Strategic Management.

- Strategic management - 6 ECTS
- Comprehensive company analysis - 6 ECTS

Module 5. Minor.

- Minor - 10 ECTS

Module 6. Internship.

- Internship - 9 ECTS

Module 7. MBA Thesis.

- MBA Thesis - 9 ECTS

Our Faculty of International Experts.

To teach at one of the best business schools, you need to have a passion for teaching. Our lecturers have this passion in their DNA, but they are also executives and professionals with a sound knowledge of the current business reality, as well as researchers who contribute relevant knowledge through their studies and publications


After years of educational quality, we have earned the recognition of the most highly-respected national and international rankings, such as Bloomberg, QS, América Economía, CNN Expansión and Eduniversal, among others.

EAE is a member of prestigious national and international organizations, including AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development), CLADEA (Latin American Council of Administration Schools), EBEN (European Business Ethics Network) and EMBAC (Executive MBA Council). Moreover, our programs are certified by leading institutions such as the PMI (Project Management Institute) and the CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals), as well as the Ministry of Education, ANECA and AQU.
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